30 Ways To Increase Website Traffic In 2018

When it comes to growth in the business world, your website can be your best friend. So here are 30 ways to increase website traffic in 2018 that is accessible to anyone.

1) Social Media Marketing

This tip is not only the simplest on the list but arguably one of the most effective ones. Social media has a massive audience, no doubt about it, that’s why creating profiles can help boost your presence to a wide array of different demographics. This lets customers in the know about when you’re having special deals, meet-ups, or anything big coming up in the near future.

2 Advertise Your Name

This tip goes hand in hand with number one, as it’s a fundamental tool for growing site traffic. Once again, your goal is to show people who you are and what your company is about.
Here are some ways to advertise :

  • Getting in contact with big blog personalities
  • Going on podcasts
  • Embrace social media
  • Press releases (they still work)
  • Attending business gathering events

3) Giveaway Incentives

Have you ever read a post from one of your favorite online personalities that teased with a chance to win something, or perhaps a participation in some giveaway? It can get you pretty hyped and excited if it’s a product that fits directly into your demographic.

Incentives are excellent to get some buzz going and help drive traffic to your website because it gets people talking. Here is a classic example of an red swimsuit that caused a massive amount of traffic to the company website.

4) Answering Questions

As you could probably guess, millions of people use google to answers all their questions every day. So why not take advantage of that?

Incorporating peoples frequently asked questions into your blog posts or articles really help you with becoming a higher authority on googles page 1 searches. If you noticed a large number of people searching for “How does Keto diet work?” see fit to answer their question in the form a descriptive blog post. What is the keto diet, and does it work?

5) Improving Click-Through-Rate

Click-through-rate, or CTR, is an internet marketing method which keeps track of how-how many people view your ad and then go on to click it. So the higher your CTR, the more people found your ads intriguing or helpful, in which case leads to you increasing website traffic.

This is incredibly important because CTR is a factor used in Google algorithm. Making it a win/win when you’re not only increasing your CTR but your ranking as well.

Ways to increase CTR :

  • Thought provoking titles
  • Titles with numbers or stats in them generate a lot of buzz
  • Experiment with different titles
  • Your keyword should be in your URL


6)SEO Is Still Viable

SEO has always been a big player when it comes to generating traffic to your website. When you have meta description content that bolstered a wide array of heavily used keywords, you’re without a doubt going to generate some traffic. Long-tail keywords have been underappreciated for a long time, but combine them with internal links and you will definitely expect some clicks.

7) Researching Your Competitors

Although this is a lot different than football teams watching games of their opponents, it’s still an effective way to gather some intel. Getting a leg up on where your competitors get their traffic sources is super handy when trying to figure out how they always seem to be a step ahead. let you get that advantage with having to get lawyers involved.

8) Influencer Marketing

The exposure of your products, business, or blog being advocated by some big names in the industry is definitely going to grow site traffic real quick. It’s going to help in the long run too since most media personalities posts or videos aren’t getting deleted anytime soon, so your promotion will be there for months to come.

Some tips on getting influencers :

  • Cold emailing their manager or directly
  • Messaging them via social media
  • Shouting them out in posts or articles to get their attention

9) Going Viral

While these tips aren’t a guaranteed way to go viral, you can still put the odds in your favor in the hopes of being a smash success, and if a success you’ll be generating traffic in no time.

1. A Provocative Title With Some Visuals
It’s no secret that having image-heavy content is a great source to generate clicks.

2. Informative Rich Content
Ever see an enticing ad or article while randomly scrolling through blogs and one called “Is ice cream as addictive as drugs?” catches your eye? It’s important that you be informed and above all factual with your content.

3. Pass It Around
Forums, other blogs, social media, and just about everything in between help spread the word. If your website doesn’t generate enough traffic, promote it all around to increase the odds of it being seen.

10) Always Post

What’s the number one reason for returning visitors? Quality content, of course. If you’re lazy with your posts and don’t really have a set schedule then why would people want to click on it? It’s important to remember that regardless of your niche you’re going to have some high authority content creators that leave little scraps for others to grow. Having a consistent amount of quality content is just another way of staying on top.

11) Creating Videos

With so much out there you shouldn’t have any excuse not to invest your time in video creating. Simply put, it’s effective. It gives your website a personality, alternative sharing options (share this video), and another market to advertise on.

12) Lowering Your Bounce Rate

Are visitors to your site having a hard time sticking to your page and more often than not leave? That’s a high bounce rate. But don’t worry, there are ways to reduce bounce rate by following some guidelines.

  • Problem Areas – Do you notice most visitors not clicking on other areas of your website? Examine the particular content on those pages and reevaluate your marketing efforts
  • Check The Tags – Are the correct tags laid out for the corresponding pages? If so, try using more long-tail keywords
  • Wrongly Place Ads – Always be mindful of where your ads are placed. Ensure they fit the proper demographic

13) Landing Page

When a visitor clicks on a link to your site via paid search ad, email, social media post, or any other source they arrive on a landing page. This page is designed to create some ‘call to action’ to convert the visitor into a subscriber to your website.

There are a handful of great ways for visitors to perform a call to action.

– Signing up for a free trial to a service
– Getting a quote
– Obtaining a promotional offer
– Receiving an ebook or newsletter
– An invitation to an event

14) Email Marketing

As mentioned above, your goal is to gain subscribers from landing pages. Subscribers are a goldmine of information that you should be taking advantage of. For one, they can answer polls or surveys which help you gain some more knowledge on their interests and some products they might like to know about. It’s important to be friendly and conservative with your emails.

15) Having A Responsive Website

It can be a turn-off for some visitors to stare at the loading screen for more than a couple of seconds each time they load a page or article. Mobile devices are the future of internet browsing now so it’s expected that your loading speed should be working for just about any scenario, for the most part. Speed plays an even bigger part now more than ever,

16) Webinars

Hosting webinars not only get your voice heard but lead to the promotion of your website. Let it be known a few weeks in advance via email, comment, forum, or ad that you will be hosting a webinar for all to learn. This is where social media comes especially in handy, for it’s great for spreading your talk all around the platform.

17) Conferences/ Meet-ups

It’s good to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who have the knowledge to share on the industry. Regardless of your market, there will always be some major conversations going on with a vast array of speakers. One immediate plus for attending will be able to engage with other members of the group, establishing a personality behind the brand.

18) Backlinks

Getting in touch with larger authority figures in your niche and asking to do guest blogging is a great way to spread your voice along to a public which may not currently know about you.

Asking these authority figures if they could use some help with blog posts is a sure fire way to grow site traffic to your website. Influencers more often than not have done guest blog posting in the past, so searching for what they did to make it work is a good template.

20) Create A Community

It’s good to get some dialogue going for your visitors. People love when their voices get heard just as much as you do, so why not give them new grounds to do so? Third-party services for getting a conversation going is another way to expand upon the forum idea.

21) Get Some Guest Bloggers For Your Website

Looking at guest blogging another way, getting bloggers to produce content for your site can still generate traffic in its own right.

Inviting bloggers to come share their thoughts, opinions, or reviews is incentive enough to bring writers on board. You can create some general buzz this way, as well as enticing talented writers to share their stories and speak their mind.

23) Analyze Your Data

are one of the most valued tools when it comes to increasing website traffic. Why? It tells you everything from how many visitors you obtained to how many impressions you made.

Are ads not bringing enough PPC? Do you find it difficult to bring viewership to a certain niche article? Check the data and pinpoint exactly what isn’t performing well.

24) Stay In The Conversation

The comment section isn’t just a source for feedback, it’s a forum in its own right. Being involved in the conversation lets viewers know you’re just as passionate as they are.

25) Interviewing Personalities

If you have a question why not go right to the source? While not always obtainable, there are some niche influencers who are active in the community and are always interested in having a conversation in their industry.

As mentioned previously, cold emailing is most certainly an effective strategy for getting an influencer’s attention. From there you can ask just about anything as long as it’s not personal. Set boundaries and keep it professional above all else.

26) List Posts

List posts are probably one of the most common posts out there, and there’s a reason for that. They drive traffic to your website. They’re for the most part very provocative, intriguing, and since they’re list posts, guaranteed to get some scrolls.

27) Syndicating Your Posts

Much like guest-posting, you are sharing your ideas and opinions via a different medium. Syndication, on the other hand, can double and sometimes triple the traffic results because of how many sites you can post too.

It’s really simple : 

1. Keep guest-posting

It’s not impossible to start the syndication process with your current posts that don’t have a lot of views. But this will be very difficult as higher authority sites won’t really find your website all that impressive.

Make sure to write for blogs in your niche. Do this by searching certain keywords that correspond with your niche to generate faster results.

2. Syndication partners

Start searching for partner sites in your niche. One major drawback is that there may not be enough to go around in your department. If that’s the case re-work your posts around what the website generally posts.

3. Find a match

Before you contact a website you are interested in, be sure to do your research. Many major websites with syndication posts with let it be known usually at the top of the article. For example : Article originally from blank.com

This means they are definitely open to the idea of publishing syndications on their website.

4. Keep it going

If your post gets featured then congratulations! On to the next. To maximize the full capabilities of syndication you want to always be scouting out other opportunities.

28) Always Research Your Niche

The world is an ever-changing place with twists and turns around every corner. So that means you should be two steps ahead of everyone else as to not get stuck in the past.

Being late to a trend, or posting an article that’s been commented on by just about every other website can be disheartening. Subscribe to more websites that correspond to your niche and always be active on social media as to not miss the next big thing in your market.

29) Mix Things Up

It’s obvious that websites about coffee are going to post about coffee. But after a while, it becomes blade and predictable, which could lead to less traffic to your site. It’s healthy to experiment some new ideas and tread some unknown waters.

Posting a diverse amount of articles and advertising to different demographics will help you see what sticks. Rewrite, research, adapt your content at all times.

30) Learn To Accept Negative Feedback

It can be a hard pill to swallow, but your content may not be up to par with everyone else in your niche. Whether it be the way it was worded, the meta description could be false, or perhaps it was just plain uninteresting, you should take feedback like that with a grain of salt.

As you edit, incorporate some of the feedback into your current and future posts. This will help you grow and as time goes on.

In Conclusion

Nobody said creating a website would be easy, but hopefully, these 30 ways to increase website traffic in 2018 show you that it’s not impossible. Keep in mind every big influencer and personality was in your shoes at one point, so get out there and start grinding to drive traffic to your website and begin your path to success.